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“This module for EmoTracker allows for a manual or automatic tracking of items and objectives in a randomizer run of Illusion of Gaia. It has a wide array of options including a map view displaying which chests have been opened and which can be reached given the current state of the game. Map view of the module EmoTracker (install first) Step-by-step installation of the Illusion of Gaia module GitHub repository (…)”

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Legend of Mana

Published on 2022/01/29, 22:46

Version 1.0

“This guide will focus on artefact placement and event order so you can experience everything in the game, complete the diary, and claim every possible reward. By compiling data from many different sources and using my own experience, I established the following route for a 100% run that I hope will also help you. This guide is not a walkthrough, it won’t help you if you’re lost in your own (…)”