Legend of Mana

Version 1.0

This guide will focus on artefact placement and event order so you can experience everything in the game, complete the diary, and claim every possible reward. By compiling data from many different sources and using my own experience, I established the following route for a 100% run that I hope will also help you. This guide is not a walkthrough, it won’t help you if you’re lost in your own playthrough. It’s made to be followed very strictly from the get-go and won’t make much sense otherwise. You could still be interested in the various appendices that contain general informations about the game’s mechanics and checklists for completion.


In Legend of Mana it’s up to the player to decide how the world map is built. When you place an artefact (AF), its distance to the home base will determine its level, and the artefacts placed immediately around will determine its mana levels. Events, shops, and other unique rewards are all dependent on land level and mana levels, and many combinations are possible. The placement used in this guide will guarantee access to everything. You must however pick the correct map tile at the beginning of the game: start from the top right corner of the map and move left twice, down three times.

The starting tile

Please note that the following events must all be completed in order before moving on, with the exception of The Seven Wisdoms which will start early but will only be completed much later. After each event is over, make sure you talk to Lil’ Cactus in your bedroom to have him fill its diary. I will start each section with the name of the AF to place and where it should be on the grid, then follow up with a summary of the steps required to move forward.

The completed map

In addition, I will give you pointers to make the most out of your playthrough in combination with the appendices. If you want to forge the best equipment in the game as early as possible, do note that you will need to farm for a few resources (check Appendix 8 for more info). I also recommend opening every chest along the way and not waste a single resource.

MAILBOX [bottom row, 3rd space from left corner] - Talk to the sproutling COLORBLOCKS [above Home] - Domina, ignore cutscene - Retrieve encyclopedia from the Reverend (church) - Talk about the town, its inhabitant, Meimei - Event 01: Niccolo’s Business Unusual - Marketplace, Niccolo - Retrieve encyclopedia from Jennifer (near fortune teller) - Retrieve encyclopedia from Mark (Teapo’s house) WHEEL [left of Home] - Throw candy at the bandits - Event 02: The Little Sorcerers - Home, while leaving house - Domina Outskirts - Event 58: The Monster Corral ( Check Appendix 1-A if you want the Chocobo ) [link] - Domina Outskirts - Wait until egg hatches - Event 03: The Wisdom of Gaeus - Domina Inn (left building), Daena - Answer that souls are forever - Luon Highway, teleport and upper right - Event 57: The Mana Orchards - Home Orchards - Leave to map and come back after a few in-game days - Plant more seeds before leaving ( Repeat as you keep playing until you receive Golden Seed ) - Event 06: Diddle’s Letter - Domina Mana Park, Diddle - Western End and back to Capella - Talk to sproutling in main street and inn - Talk to Pelican in left side of town after Capella - Luon Highway, have Capella read the letter - Confess to Diddle that Capella read it FLAME [left of Luon Highway] - Event 24: The Flame of Hope - Gato Grottoes, follow NPC - Lots of back and forth between church and lookout - Event 46: Niccolo’s Business Unusual: 2 - Gato Grottoes Shop, Niccolo - At the waterfall, right screen then back, wait 60 seconds ANCIENT TABLETS [right of Home] - Event 12: Teatime of Danger - Mindas Ruins, Duelle - Hate this place like everyone else BOTTLED SPIRIT [right of Mindas Ruins] - Event 63: The Seven Wisdoms - Home, ask Bud to join you ( Remember, this quest will be left pending for a while ) - Event 14: Mine Your Own Business - Ulkan Mines with Bud, upper room in 2nd screen, Pokiehl - Make sure Bud talked to Pokiehl here - Descend into the mines to Watts and talk to him 3 times - You can leave Bud home after this event - Event 62: Watts Drops the Hammer - Ulkan Mines Forge, Watts - Inspect the signpost a screen earlier - Hammer is behind the dudbear, wait for him to move - Event 54: Path of the Blacksmith - Home Workshops - Ask each question once BROKEN DOLL [above Ulkan Mines] - Event 19: The Infernal Doll - Junkyard, Jack-in-a-box ( You can catch an egg for Polterbox, check Appendix 6 ) [link] - Event 05: The Lost Princess - Domina Pub, Elazul and Rachel (recruit Elazul) JADE EGG [above Junkyard] - Mekiv Caverns to complete event 05 - Event 18: Daddy’s Broom - Home Bedroom, then Lisa - Upstairs, Cactus then Bud - Junkyard to complete event MOON’S MIRROR [above Gato Grottoes] - Event 22: The Looking-Glass Tower - Tower of Leires, Pearl (accept to help) STONE EYE [above Tower of Leires] - Event 10: The Gorgon Eye - Lake Kilma, Penguins - Password is “what?” - Event 61: Professor Bomb’s Lab - Junkyard, teleport to Lab - Lake Kilma to find the Golem - Event 56: Golem Go Make ’em - Home Workshops - Test answers are A B A A / A B A A / B A FIREFLY LAMP [left of Mekiv Caverns] - Event 31: Faeries’ Light - Lumina East Shop, Monique - Talk to Gilbert outside - Learn language in Lumina West (puzzle guy) - Dudbear near puzzle guy (B B A C) - Dudbear near Capella (A B B A C) - Dudbear in East District (B B A C) MEDALLION [above Mekiv Caverns] - Event 08: Huntin’ Du’Cate ( Malboros drop Spiny Seeds at rarity 6, bring Polterbox ) - Jungle, Sotherbee - Leave screen and return for Lilipea (can’t catch) - Follow it to the penguin spellcaster - Find Skippie, then Rosiotti in upper left Throne Room - Find Skippie again eastward, then Hamson - Event 09: The Murmuring Forest - Jungle teleport to Ruins, penguin - With curse removed, check lower left path in Ruins - Event 07: Two Torches - Gato Grottoes Temple - Event 11: In Search of Faeries - Gato Grottoes Temple, Matilda - Lake Kilma, Tote, then Daena - Event 15: Pokiehl: Dream Teller - Ulkan Mines, Pokiehl - Say you are in a hurry to Pokiehl for a shortcut ( Do not go left here or it will fail the event, keep going right ) - Event 13: Star-Crossed Lovers - Gato Grottoes Temple - Mindas Ruins, use Niccolo for shortcut to Tower - Event 47: Niccolo’s Business Unusual: 3 - Lumina East Item Shop, Niccolo - Mindas Ruins, to the flowerling and back SAND ROSE [two above Luon Highway] - Event 37: Reach for the Stars - Duma Desert, Kathinja - Event 55: Instruments 101 - Home Workshops TREMBLING SPOON [above Jungle] - Event 42: The Fallen Emperor - Underworld Entrance - Recruit Larc and descend to Olbohn - Use the shadole to teleport to the chamber - Event 20: Diddle Had It! - Lumina West, Capella - Home and leave again for Lumina - Underworld, but do not talk to Pokiehl ( Do not enter Domina from now on ) - Event 63: The Seven Wisdoms (cont.) - Home, recruit Bud and visit all remaining wisdoms Gaeus (Luon Highway) and Tote (Lake Kilma) Rosiotti (Jungle) and Olbohn (Underworld) Selva (Gato Grottoes) should be at the fork to finish - Home to finally complete event SKULL LANTERN [left of Underworld] - Event 39: The Guardian of Winds - Norn Peaks, bring Larc (from Underworld) - Do not touch the statue until all 3 Windcallers are dead DRAGON BONE [left of Norn Peaks] - Event 64: The Field Trip - Bone Fortress, without Larc - Talk to students and agree to help  : Fish Scales (top blue student)  : Silver Mush (middle female flowerling)  : Starsparkles (2nd bottom male flowerling) - Event 40: The Ghost of Nemesis - Bone Fortress, bring Larc and any pet of your choice - Inspect dragon skull, then stool/switch - Left to speak to the skull and enable doors ( Now’s a good time to farm for Dragon Bloods ) ( First Ash can be found in a chest west of 2F ) ( Once done, check Appendix 1-C for the Heishihorin ) [link] FROZEN HEART [below Bone Fortress] - Event 26: Can’t Look Back - Fieg Snowfields, go right at fork for camp first - Event 17: Heaven’s Gate - Gato Grottoes Temple, recruit NPC BROOCH OF LOVE [right of Jungle] - Lucemia to complete event ( You cannot revisit this area later, loot everything ) - Event 45: The Cage of Dreams - Home, back and forth to the world map a few times SWORD OF MANA [above Domina] - Event 44: Seeing Double - Domina Main Street - Marketplace cutscene, then Teapo’s House - Boss fight is in Domina Outskirts - Event 68: Pee-Wee Birdie - Domina Inn, bird ( Avoid talking to the egg or the quest will fail ) - Bring following materials, should have them all: Rotten Meat, Sulpher, Menos Bronze Flat Seed, Citrisquid, Animal Hide, Baobab Wood, Topple Cotton - Check back in Inn with Pee-Wee ONCE for Revive Ring RUSTY ANCHOR [above Duma Desert] GOLDEN SEED [above Mindas Ruins] TORCH OF CORAL [above Lake Kilma] - Event 28: Summer Lovin’ - Madora Beach, automatic ( Crush at least 20 of the 32 crabs to unlock a future event ) ( All 32 crabs will also unlock Valerie and her baby ) ( Second Ash can be found on boss screen if you come back ) - Event 29: Drowned Dreams - Polpota Harbor West, flowerling and mermaid - Talk to Thoma on the beach west of here - Check in with the manager of the hotel - Back and forth between beach, east restaurant and hotel - Event 27: A Siren’s Song - Lumina West, soldiers in back alley - Lamp Shop then Polpota Harbor restaurant - Talk to the soldiers at the Harbor beach side - Madora Beach, left side until lighthouse - Wait on the right side for the mermaid to transform and rush in TOME OF MAGIC [above Lumina] GREEN CANE [above Polpota Harbor] ( Do not enter Geo for now ) - Event 38: The Dragon Princess - White Forest, bring Larc ( Third Ash can be found in a chest on the bottom right route ) - Answer “Stay” when talking to Vadise - Event 41: The Crimson Dragon - Underworld, agree to help Sierra - Bottom level until Sierra warns you - In “The Flames” team up with Sierra ( You cannot revisit this area later, loot everything ) PIRATE’S HOOK [above Madora Beach] - Event 35: The Quiet Sea - SS Buccaneer, navigate using Ramtieger and go South, East, East - Talk to penguin top deck, leave and come back - Captain, then barrel bottom level (say “there’s a pretty girl”) - Event 04: Where’s Putty? - Ulkan Mines, Dudbear Sign, bring any partner - SS Buccaneer, bottom deck barrel - Polpota Harbor beach - Event 65: Catchin’ Lilipeas - White Forest, Sotherbee - Circle the forest right, talking to Skippie, Nouvelle and Hamson - Help the two Lilipeas in the barrels - In village, talk to the elder when Nouvelle is close to him ( Once done, check Appendix 1-B for the FastestWheel ) [link] - Event 16: Diddle Kidnapped!? - Domina Church, detective - Domina Park then White Forest (smack all dudbears and go left) - Event 36: The Treasure Map - SS Buccaneer, navigate North, North, East ( This event runs on a timer, you must hurry when the map is split ) - Spam each dudbear you see until they drop a map piece, directions: - Up right, right, up right, right - Up left, left, bottom right, right - Up left, left, left, left, bottom right - Bottom right, right, right - Event 52: The Nordic Snowfield - SS Buccaneer, navigate South, South, West - Receive level 7 spell for the faerie who keeps her name secret ( Go east and save at the statue, this quest fails easily ) - The final faerie is two screens east (usually the leftmost one) ( If you picked the wrong faerie you need to reload your save ) - Event 53: Buried Treasure - SS Buccaneer, navigate West, West, North - Give coin to third dudbear from the top - In cave, trade coins for 3 bottles (must keep one coin) - Give bottle to exit screen, then trade with center bear for 2 shells - Give shells to exit screen and give last coin to keep the treasure - Event 66: Gilbert: Love is Blind - Polpota Harbor Restaurant, Gilbert - Madora Beach, recruit Elle (twice) - SS Buccaneer, Captain - Event 59: Gilbert: School Amour - Geo West, Gilbert - 3 kids in the plaza, 2 in mall, 2 in university entrance - 1 in university hub, 2 in library, 2 in mall bar, 3 in item shop - Event 60: Gilbert: Resume for Love - Geo Palace Basement, Gilbert - Ulkan Mines, Dudbear sign, read poem and talk to Roger (twice) - Check abandoned room for Gilbert, Monique in Lumina, Elle at Madora “Heavens bless the earth with life-giving showers of rain.” “The ancient memories of Mother Earth fill our souls with bliss.” “Know the truth that is the ultimate tower of energy for all.” - Event 48: Niccolo’s Business Unusual: 4 - Geo Plaza, Niccolo - Ulkan Mines Watts, make sure you have a Gator Skin - Event 49: Niccolo Calls it Quits? - Geo Palace, Kristie and Sotherbee - Polpota Harbor Beach, Niccolo - Back and forth Palace–Nest, finish at beach - Event 43: The Blessed Elixir - Geo Plaza, Bartender - Gato Grottoes Dungeon, first door left until nuns - Geo Bartender, Lumina Bartender (“yes” twice), then Duma Desert - Event 67: The Wimpy Thugling ( Make sure to have no pet, no NPC, and less than 4 monsters in ranch ) - Duma Desert, right to find Tikkle - Event 51: Rachel - SALA: Domina Teapo House, Mark and Rachel - JINN: Market Jennifer - SALA: Mark, Teapo - SALA: Geo Library - SALA: Mark and Rachel - JINN: Jennifer - SALA: Mark and Rachel - Event 32: The Lucky Clover - Domina Pub, Elazul - Send Pearl home (“so is this place” > “invite her”) - SALA/AURA/JINN/DRYAD: Geo Academy - GNOM/UNDI: Geo Library - Repeat above and accept knighthood, then Jewelry Shop - DRYA: Geo Academy, Mephianse - Geo Palace Basement, Teapo in Cafe, leave to city map and return - Academy, Jewelry Shop Elazul, then Geo Palace Basement - Event 50: Li’l Cactus - Home, Cactus, Bud and Lisa - Domina Market, fortune teller - Home Bedroom, Highway Gaeus, Jungle Ruins Selkie - Geo Academy, student entrance, SS Buccaneer David - Domina Outskirts, Pelican then Home, Mailbox - Event 25: Cosmo - Home, Elazul (twice) - Mekiv Caverns, duck - Event 23: Two Pearls - Home, Elazul - Leave/return bedroom and exhaust dialogs, then Tower of Leires - Event 33: Alexandrite - Domina Pub, Elazul (agree) - Geo Palace Basement then Mephianse Office, City Gates, instrument shop - Event 30: Fluorite - Geo Jewelry Shop - Event 34: The Teardrop Crystal - Domina Church, Boyd, answer “no” - Geo Jewelry Shop, inspect treasure box JUMI’S STAFF [above Luon Highway] - Complete event in Bejeweled City - Event 21: The Legend of Mana - Tree of Mana when you’re ready to finish the game

Appendix 1: Cross-Game Rewards

There are a couple of rewards in Legend of Mana that can only be obtained by having on your memory card a save file from a different game. Three rewards, for three games. If you want those rewards you will need a save file from Final Fantasy VIII, one from Chocobo Racing, and another one from SaGa Frontier 2. Note that any save will do, you do not have to complete any of those games.

A: The Chocobo

Having a Final Fantasy VIII save file, simply start the event 58 “The Monster Corral” and the first egg you will receive will hatch a Chocobo. There are no other way to get another Chocobo later, or to get the egg if you already started this event.

B: The FastestWheel

Any time after completing event 65 “Catchin’ Lilipeas” go to your home. In the save menu, hover your cursor over a Chocobo Racing save file and leave for Polpota Harbor. Skippie will immediately appear and give you this ring.

C: The Heishihorin

After completing event 40 “The Ghost of Nemesis” but before starting event 41 “The Crimson Dragon” you have the possibility to acquire this unique sword. Start by going to your home. In the save menu, hover your cursor over a SaGa Frontier 2 save file and leave for the Bone Fortress. In the room where you fought Deathbringer, you will be treated to a rematch where, upon victory, you will receive the sword.

Appendix 2: Attributes

There are 8 attributes for your character. The impact of those are not always intuitive so I will list what I was able to gather about them. Please note that the difference between power-based weapons and skill-based weapon is still not very clear to me. For some weapons like bows or staves it make sense to say that they rely on skill (dexterity) more than brute strength (power) but it’s difficult to test and find out for sure which weapon belongs to which category. Fortunately, we’ll see how to max out both of those attributes so it won’t matter too much.

  • Power influences the damage of power-based weapons.
  • Skills influences the damage of skill-based weapons.
  • Defense is a global defense modifier against physical attacks.
  • Magic only affects your defense against magical damage.
  • HP does not give you more health but improves the regeneration during fights.
  • Spirit is defense against negative status effects.
  • Charm influences how likely you are to affect an enemy with a status.
  • Luck is only useful to trigger rare drop events (cf. Appendix 6).

Attributes are impacted by the weapon you use when you level up. Each weapon will bump every single stat except Luck by at least 0.5, but while the stats are recorded internally as floating point numbers the number you see in the menu is a truncation (so 98.75 shows up as 98).

Weapon level up bonuses
Weapon Power Skills Defense Magic HP Spirit Charm
1H Axe 1.00 0.75 1.00 0.75 0.75 1.00 0.50
1H Sword 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
2H Axe 1.25 0.75 1.25 0.75 0.50 0.75 0.50
2H Sword 1.25 1.00 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.50 0.75
Bow 0.50 1.75 0.75 0.75 0.50 0.75 1.00
Flail 0.75 1.25 0.50 0.75 0.50 0.75 1.25
Gloves 1.25 0.75 0.75 0.50 1.00 0.75 0.75
Hammer 1.75 0.75 0.50 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Knife 0.75 1.25 0.75 0.75 0.50 1.00 1.00
Spear 0.75 1.25 1.00 0.75 0.50 0.75 1.00
Staff 0.50 0.75 0.75 1.25 0.50 0.75 1.25

Considering your character starts at level 1, with a score of 5 for each stat, we can plan our final stats at level 99 and decide how to distribute the 98 level-ups available to us. I’ve spent a lot of time on calculations with this formula, but the number of combinations are too much to handle. It seems however that the highest average you can reach is 88.3.

My personal build is 82 levels of 1H Sword, 12 levels of Staff, 3 levels of Hammer, and 1 level of Flail. The final stats of your character will be 99 for Power and Skills, 98 and 84 for Defense and Magic, 75 in HP, 78 in Charm, and 85 in Charm. To be clear, this distribution means you should use for example a 1H sword until you hit level 83, then a Staff until level 96, etc. It makes it easier to track things down if you stick to one weapon at a time, but any other order will work just the same as long as you respect the distribution.

Appendix 3: Abilities

Abilities are the special skills like Defend or Push that you can assign to a face button independently from your choice of weapon. Each time you complete a battle with an ability equiped, you will increase an internal counter, akin to a mastery level. You do not need to use the ability in combat, what matters is to have it equiped during the fight. New abilities will unlock once the requirements in masteries are met, as the following table points out.

All in all, you will need the following masteries to unlock everything: Lunge (18), Retreat (18), Jump (14), Defend (12), Back-Roll (12), Crouch (10), Push (10), Cheer (10), Spin (8), Somersault (8), Counterattack (6), High-Jump (5), Whirl (4), Grapple (3), Back-Flip (3), Bash (1).

Ability List of Masteries
Counterattack Defend 8
Counterstrike Counterattack 6
Defensive Lunge Lunge 8 Defend 12
Slide Lunge 10 Crouch 10
Tackle Lunge 16 Push 5
Evade Lunge 18 Retreat 18
Taunt Cheer 10 Retreat 7
Grapple Defend 6 Push 10
Whirl Grapple 3 Spin 8
Bash Whirl 4 Push 7
Toss Bash 1 Crouch 10
Somersault Jump 7 Lunge 12
Back-Roll Jump 7 Retreat 12
High-Jump Jump 11 Crouch 8
Double-Jump Jump 14 High-Jump 4
Moonsault High-Jump 5 Somersault 8
Back-Flip High-Jump 5 Back-Roll 8
Flip-Kick Back-Flip 3 Back-Roll 12

Appendix 4: Special Techniques

Special Techniques (or STs for short) are ultimate moves that you can unleash when your special bar is full, using one of the four shoulder buttons. The game has an internal counter for how many battles were completed using each ability (cf. Appendix 3) that we’ll call “Ability Mastery,” and another counter for battles won with each weapon, which we’ll call “Weapon Mastery.” Unlocking new techniques depend on both type of masteries.

Some techniques can be used by more than one weapon, when that is the case you only need to unlock it once. I’ve added an asterisk for techniques that can also be unlocked with other weapons. Do note that the requirements will not necessary be the same from one weapon to another even for the same technique, so you might want to pick the easiest route. Also note that your starting weapon will give you the first basic ST for that weapon for free.

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Deep Slice 3 Lunge (3)
Axe Bomb 4 Jump (4)
Tornado 6 Spin (6)
Rising Sun* 7 Crouch (7)
Retribution* 8 Back-Roll (3)
Electronic Yo-Yo 8 Somersault (3)
Salmon Upstream 8 Back-Flip (3)
Cutting Pine* 8 High-Jump (3)
Bird of Prey* 8 Moonsault (3)
Axe Bomber 15 Evade (2), Bash (2)
Boulder Dash 20 Tackle (8), Back-Flip (3)
Cross Strike* 26 Lunge (12), High-Jump (8)
Black Wings 28 Bash (10), Toss (1)
Orbiting Blades* 32 Spin (15), Defensive Lunge (6)
True Strike 32 Somersault (12), Whirl (10), Moonsault (8)
Dynamite X* 48 Crouch (18), Jump (18), Cheer (18)
Time Burst 64 Spin (20), Push (16), Evade (14)
Karma 80 Cheer (20), Evade (18), High-Jump (12), Counterstrike (9)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Iai Strike 3 Lunge (3)
Cutting Bamboo 4 Jump (4)
Maelstrom 6 Spin (6)
Rising Sun* 7 Crouch (7)
Triple Tiger 8 Somersault (3)
Blade Launcher 8 Back-Roll (3)
Cutting Pine* 8 High-Jump (3)
Bird of Prey* 8 Moonsault (3)
Corkscrew 8 Back-Flip (3)
Cross Strike* 16 Lunge (8), High-Jump (5)
Tiger Claw 20 Somersault (6), Back-Roll (6)
Clean Sweep 20 Retreat (14), Slide (2)
Dragon’s Tail 27 Back-Flip (6), Tackle (2)
Orbiting Blades* 32 Spin (9), Defensive Lunge (1)
Motion of Truth 70 Moonsault (12), Bash (8), Tackle (6)
Smashing Blade 45 Push (14), Somersault (10), Whirl (6)
Invisible Death 53 Lunge (15), Retreat (15), Grapple (10)
Dynamite X* 61 Crouch (17), Jump (15), Cheer (5)
Terminal Velocity 86 Lunge (20), Back-Flip (18), Spin (16), Whirl (9)
Golden Dragon 100 Crouch (20), High-Jump (15), Evade (12), Toss (11)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Rolling Throw 4 Somersault (5)
Blurred Axe 4 Back-Flip (5)
Sideswipe 5 Lunge (5)
Spiral Wave* 6 Somersault (5)
Impulse* 6 High-Jump (5)
Rising Claw 6 Jump (6)
Flying Sawblades 8 Spin (8)
Rising Crush* 10 Crouch (9)
Divine Right 15 Push (8), Back-Roll (3)
Splashblade* 18 Back-Flip (10), Back-Roll (7)
Snowfall 20 Spin (10), Toss (1)
Spinning Hawk 24 Back-Flip (8), Flip-Kick (5)
Buzzsaw of Doom 43 Lunge (20), Somersault (15), Double-Jump (10)
Tidal Wave* 47 Defensive Lunge (9), Evade (5)
Angelic Lumberjack 51 Somersault (16), Moonsault (12), Back-Flip (12)
Spikestrike 60 Slide (18), Moonsault (12), Whirl (10)
Sparkling Rampage 72 Retreat (24), Spin (20), High-Jump (18), Tackle (18)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Lunging Arc 4 Lunge (4)
Windwalker* 4 Moonsault (4)
Shield Breaker 5 Jump (5)
Shish Kebob 6 Back-Roll (4)
Spiral Wave* 6 Somersault (4)
Impulse* 6 High-Jump (4)
Windslasher 6 Spin (7)
Rising Crush* 10 Crouch (8)
Splashblade* 18 Back-Roll (7), Back-Flip (3)
Rain of Blood 26 Toss (1), Double-Jump (1)
Bring It On 27 Retreat (10), Taunt (2)
Skullsplitter* 28 Jump (14), Whirl (3)
Marble Stream 39 Lunge (12), Evade (2)
Triple Offense 45 Somersault (17), Evade (10), High-Jump (8)
Quakebringer 53 Crouch (20), Cheer (10), Moonsault (10)
Beautiful Three 62 Lunge (18), Back-Flip (10), Tackle (8)
Deep Swing 74 Crouch (24), Defend (20), Counterattack (16), Counterstrike (10)
Raging Pain 90 Jump (20), Evade (17), Flip-Kick (9), Taunt (8)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Mole-Hunting 4 Somersault (5)
Ground Zero 4 High-Jump (5)
Windwalker* 4 Moonsault (5)
Retribution* 4 Back-Roll (5)
Super Slugger 5 Lunge (5)
Big Bang 7 Jump (7)
Blammo 9 Spin (9)
Rising Crush* 10 Crouch (10)
Double Impact 15 Somersault (8), Moonsault (2)
Thor’s Hammer 20 High-Jump (6), Toss (1)
Skullsplitter* 28 Jump (10), Whirl (6)
Volcano 30 Jump (21), Crouch (19), Cheer (17)
Blazing Hammer 34 Retreat (8), Tackle (3)
Tidal Wave* 34 Defensive Lunge (12), Evade (10)
Ultra Slugger 45 Retreat (18), Lunge (18), Toss (6)
Intervention 51 Spin (20), Somersault (16), Double-Jump (14)
Pearly Gates 68 Retreat (22), Lunge (22), Spin (18), Toss (10)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Admonition 2 Lunge (2)
Rising Eagle 3 Jump (3)
Vortex of Death 5 Spin (5)
Cobra Fang 8 Push (10), Retreat (8)
Vapor Blade 10 Somersault (2)
Sonic Wave 10 Back-Roll (2)
Rising Dragon 10 High-Jump (2)
Crescent Moon 10 Moonsault (2)
Eclipse 10 Back-Flip (2)
Backstab 18 Slide (1), Double-Jump (1)
Ninja Drop 22 Grapple (5), Push (1)
Puppet* 28 Retreat (8), Cheer (8)
Back Slasher* 36 Lunge (12), Whirl (1)
Pouncing Cat 40 Back-Roll (6), Somersault (6)
Dark Assassins 48 Spin (12), Crouch (12), Evade (8)
Reaping the Mist 53 Lunge (16), Back-Roll (12), Back-Flip (7)
Looking Glass* 62 Whirl (9), Bash (6), Taunt (4)
Dance of Roses 70 Evade (10), High-Jump (8), Defensive Lunge (4)
Aerial Reaver 86 Crouch (18), Spin (16), High-Jump (12), Flip-Kick (7)
Phoenix 100 Cheer (14), Evade (14), Double-Jump (10), Defensive Lunge (10)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Dragon Teeth 1 Lunge (1)
Setting Sun 2 Jump (2)
Pheonix Wings 4 Spin (4)
Chinsplitter 5 Crouch (5)
Drunken Monkey 12 Somersault (1)
Twilight 12 High-Jump (1)
Psyclone 12 Moonsault (1)
Double Dragon 16 Moonsault (4), Evade (1)
Enter the Tiger 20 Retreat (6), Slide (1)
Back Slasher* 26 Lunge (6), Whirl (2)
Avalanche 26 Crouch (9), Back-Flip (3)
Puppet* 34 Retreat (14), Cheer (6)
Challenger 43 Counterattack (9), Tackle (8), Taunt (6)
Looking Glass* 56 Taunt (12), Bash (9), Whirl (8)
Extreme Conditions 62 Tackle (10), Evade (9), Double-Jump (7)
Demon’s Howl 70 Lunge (18), Flip-Kick (7), High-Jump (6)
Malevolence 80 Crouch (22), Jump (20), Evade (14), High-Jump (10)
White Tiger 100 Spin (25), Grapple (18), Evade (18), Defensive Lunge (10)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Lancer 4 Lunge (4)
Mighty Javelin 5 Jump (5)
Furious Copter 5 High-Jump (4)
Twister 6 Spin (6)
Dragon’s Bite 6 Somersault (4)
Nebulous Saucer 6 Moonsault (4)
Cyclone Racer 16 Spin (12), Lunge (10)
Rewind 17 Moonsault (6), Back-Roll (3)
Lancenator 20 Crouch (12), Tackle (2)
Holy Light 23 High-Jump (10), Somersault (10)
Fool’s Play 28 Evade (8), Toss (1)
Deadly Branding 36 Slide (15), Taunt (6), Bash (3)
Chrome Ray 47 Back-Roll (14), Defensive Lunge (12), Grapple (9)
Raging Fury 54 Lunge (22), Evade (14), Tackle (11)
Triple Supremacy 62 Lunge (18), Spin (18), Crouch (16*)
Lo and Behold 73 Spin (24), Crouch (20), Double-Jump (16), Moonsault (12)
Blue Dragon 100 Spin (26), Evade (20), Defensive Lunge (18), Retreat (12)
* Due to an error in localization, it’s 46 in US version

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Bubbles 4 High-Jump (5)
Blaze 4 Moonsault (5)
Halo 4 Evade (1)
Gust 5 Lunge (5)
Paint it Black 6 Jump (6)
Aftershock 8 Spin (8)
Golden Pyres 9 Crouch (9)
Purgatory 20 Cheer (10), Tackle (6)
Flower of Gold 20 Retreat (12), Evade (8)
Fire and Ice 20 Somersault (10), Back-Flip (6)
Gates of the Fall 20 Spin (12), Moonsault (6)
Song of the Spirits 50 Spin (19), Evade (14), Taunt (8)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Bloody Knuckles 1 Lunge (1)
Lightning Kick 2 Jump (2)
Whirlwind Kick 4 Spin (4)
Jawbreaker 5 Crouch (5)
Rolling Slam 12 Somersault (1)
Flip-Thrust 12 Back-Roll (1)
Moonsault Stomp 12 Moonsault (1)
Mental Barrier 16 Counterattack (10), Counterstrike (1)
Giant Swing 20 Spin (10), Grapple (4)
Northern Lights 20 Grapple (14), Jump (8)
Tiger Driver 91 28 Grapple (10), Crouch (9)
Sparkly Feet 40 Evade (12), Double-Jump (8), Toss (3)
Cough Drop 51 Grapple (20), High-Jump (9), Bash (6)
Flips of Thunder 51 Back-Roll (16), Back-Flip (12), Back-Kick (8)
FistoftheNorseStar 63 Grapple (26), Lunge (16), Evade (15)
Power Combo 71 Grapple (30), Lunge (20), Retreat (16), Bash (10)
Gravity Drop 82 Grapple (30), Crouch (16), High-Jump (14), Toss (12)
Earthquake 100 Crouch (22), Back-Roll (20), Back-Flip (16), Moonsault (12)

Technique Mastery Ability Masteries
Trueshot 4 Lunge (4)
Tri-Shot 4 High-Jump (4)
Change-Up 4 Retreat (4)
Forward Artillery 5 Jump (5)
Spinshot 7 Spin (7)
Needle Shower 7 Back-Roll (4)
Trickshot 6 Moonsault (4)
Hypershot 6 Toss (3)
Backshot 6 Bash (8)
Flying Swallows 16 Tackle (2), Double-Jump (1)
Sureshot 27 Back-Flip (10), Flip-Kick (2)
Rain of Death 37 Spin (12), High-Jump (3)
Carpet Bomber 46 High-Jump (10), Evade (1)
Mastershot 54 Spin (20), Back-Flip (8), Whirl (6)
Wildshot 67 Back-Roll (18), Grapple (9), Double-Jump (7)
Main Gun 82 Lunge (20), Retreat (14), Evade (12), Counterattack (6)

Appendix 5: Shops

The level of a land (distance from your home base, although not an exact 1:1 match) directly influences the level of a shop contained therein. Seed shops and jewel shops are not influenced by level, so they will always sell the same items. The only seed shop in the game can be found in Bone Fortress, while jewel shops exist in Geo, Lumina, and Bejeweled City.

Seed Shop Jewel Shops
RoundSeed Ivory
OblongSeed Coral
CrookedSeed Emerald
HeartMint Pearl
SpadeBasil LapisLazuli
Dialaurel SunCrystal
GoldClover MoonCrystal
Mush-in-a-Box GlowCrystal

Instrument shops are also a special case: the instruments they sell are specific to their location and are independent of land level. However, level 7 instrument shops will give the player access to a unique list shared between all level 7 shops regardless of location. They can be found in Domina, Lumina, Geo, and Polpota.

Weapon and armor shops will sell complete equipment crafted from a specific material, depending on their level. For instance, a level 1 weapon shop will sell every possible weapons crafted from MenosBronze. Weapon shops can be found in Domina, Gato, Lumina, Geo, Polpota, and Ulkan Mines. Armor shops can be found at the same locations, with the exception of Gato which has no such shop.

  1. MenosBronze
  2. ForsenaIron
  3. GranzSteel
  4. LorantSilver
  5. WendelSilver
  6. VizelGold
  7. IshePlatinum

Finally, material shops are very important to crafters. They can be found in Domina, Lumina, Geo, and Polpota. That’s only 4 different locations, but fortunately there are only 4 levels of material shops in the game.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
MenosBronze GranzSteel WendelSilver IshePlatinum
ForsenaIron LorantSilver VizelGold LorimarIron
OakWood BaobabWood EbonyWood MapleWood
HollyWood Obsidian JuddHemp PedanStone
Marble Sultan’sSilk AromaOil AltenaFelt
ToppleCotton Mercury HolyWater
FireStone Sulpher

Appendix 6: Loot Tables

Drops from enemies are classified according to their rarity, a number between 1 and 8. The higher the rarity, the less likely it is to drop. However, only the drops of rarity 1 to 4 are always available. Dropping items of higher rarity will require enemies of a minimum level, which depends on the level of the land where it is encountered. This is why AF placement is important if you want to be able to access some of the rarer crafting materials.

  • Rarity level 5 items can be dropped on enemies level 16 or higher
  • Rarity level 6 items can be dropped on enemies level 32 or higher
  • Rarity level 7 items can be dropped on enemies level 48 or higher
  • Rarity level 8 items can be dropped on enemies level 64 or higher

Luck does not influence the probability of an item to drop per se, rather it may trigger a rare drop event where the minimum rarity will be increased by 2 levels (but not the maximum). For example, if you are fighting a level 15 enemy, you will be limited to drops of rarity 1 to 4. But if your luck triggers, said enemy may drop items of rarity 3 to 4.

The only way to actually access higher rarity tiers on lower level enemies is to bring a Polterbox pet in a fight. If you kill an enemy while under the synchro effect of the Polterbox (when the UI looks electrified) you will increase the drop rarity by 2 levels, minimum and maximum. To reuse the previous example, the level 15 enemy will now drop items of rarity 3 to 6. Consequently, the rarest drops can be obtained on enemies as low as level 32 when using a Polterbox pet (Polterbox come from Poltergeist eggs which can be captured at the top of the tower of Leires and in the junkyard).

The following table will list materials dropped by enemies. Some of them will also drop equipements, but in order to keep the list concise and useful I decided to focus on materials only, since they can always be used to craft equipment far better than what you can loot.

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Acid Slime (4–8), Big Baby (4–8)
Adamantite Chess Knight (8)
Angel Feather Garuda (5–6), Teedie (5)
Angry Eye Beholder (5), Eye Spy (7), Hoppin’ Tick (4)
Animal Bone Skeleton (3), Skull Beast (3), Molebear (4), Rabite (5)
Animal Hide Grey Ox (4), Teedie (3), Molebear (5), Rabite (4)
Animal Meat Rabite, Molebear, Howler, Grey Ox
Ankh Rock Shadow Zero (6)
Aroma Oil Poto (5–8)
Ash Wood Wooding (7)
Baked Roach Silkspitter (5–8)
Baobab Wood Cursed Doll (4), Wooding (4)
Big Seed Malboro (3), Shrieknip (4), Lullabud (2)
Bird Meat Needlebeak, Bloodsucker, Cockatrice, Chocobo, Garuda
Blackened Bat Bloodsucker (5–8)
Blank Eye Beholder (6), Poto (3), Eye Spy (8), Lizardon (4–8), Tonpole (4–8)
Bug Meat Stinger Bee, Hoppin’ Tick, Sand Scorpio, Gloomoth

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Chaos Crystal Polterbox (6)
Clear Feather Stinger Bee (4–8)
Coral Seadragon (5–8), Seajack (5–8), Pincher Crab (6–7)
Creepy Eye Beholder (7)
Dangerous Eye Beholder (4), Eye Spy (6)
Demon Meat Imp, Fierce Face, Punkster, Dark Stalker, Chimera Beast
Dior Wood Wooding (8)
Dragon Blood Land Dragon (5), Sky Dragon (5), Kid Dragon (6)
Dragon Breath Land Dragon (4), Sky Dragon (4), Kid Dragon (5)
Dragon Scales Land Dragon (8), Sky Dragon (8)
Dragon Steak Kid Dragon, Sky Dragon, Land Dragon
Dragon Skin Sky Dragon (6)
Ebony Wood Wooding (5)
Electricity Tezla (4–8)

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Fish Meat Iffish, Pincher Crab, Seajack, Seadragon, Big Baby
Fish Scales Seadragon (4), Iffish (4–8)
Flaming Quill Chocobo (4–8), Cockatrice (4–8)
Flat Seed Malboro (7), Shrieknip (7–8), Lullabud (7–8)
Fossil Tyrranos (8)
Fullmetal Pincher Crab (8)
Gaeus’s Tears Chimera Beast (8)
Gator Skin Tyrranos (4)
Ghost’s Howl Shrieknip (5)
Giant’s Horn Chess Knight (6–7), Skull Beast (6–8), Grey Ox (5–8)
Glow Crystal Polterbox (5)
Grave Dirt Ape Mummy (5), Skeleton (5), Specter (5), Zombine (4), Skull Beast (4)
Hairball Rabite (7)
Halley Rock Shadow Zero (5)
Healing Claw Chess Knight (4)
Holly Wood Cursed Doll (3), Wooding (3)

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Ivory Chess Knight (5)
Jacobini Rock Shadow Zero (4)
Judd Hemp Ape Mummy (7)
Knockout Dust Gloomoth (6), Mushboom (5)
Little Eye Eye Spy (3), Teedie (6), Rabite (6)
Lizard Meat Tonpole, Lizardon, Rattler Boa, Basilisck, Tyrranos
Lizard Scales Basilisk (3–6), Rattler Boa (4–8)
Long Seed Malboro (2), Shrieknip (3), Lullabud (4)
Maple Wood Wooding (6)
Marble Chimera Beast (5)
Moon Crystal Polterbox (4)
Moss Moldy Goo (5)
Morph Meat Shadow Zero, Slime, Tezla, Denden, Moldy Goo
Moth Wing Gloomoth (5)
Needle Aerial (4–8), Sand Scorpio (5)

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Oak Wood Wooding (2)
Obsidian Chimera Beast (6), Teedie (7)
Odd Meat Eye Spy, Spiny Cone, Beholder, Sprinball
Orihalcon Punkster (5–8)
Pedan Stone Chimera Beast (7), Teedie (8)
Poison Fang Zombine (6–8), Howler (5, 7–8)
Poison Powder Sand Scorpio (4), Mushboom (3), Lullabud (5)
Raven Feather Garuda (4)
Rotten Meat Zombine, Specter, Ape Mummy
Rust Moldy Goo (4), Hoppin’ Tick (5–8)

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Scissors Pincher Crab (4), Sand Scorpio (6)
Sharp Claw Kid Dragon (4), Tyrranos (5), Howler (4), Molebear (6)
Shell Denden (4–8)
Silly Eye Beholder (3), Poto (4), Eye Spy (5), Malboro (5)
Sleepy Eye Eye Spy (4), Gloomoth (4), Mushboom (4), Teedie (4)
Sleepy Powder Gloomoth (7–8)
Small Seed Malboro (4), Shrieknip (2), Lullabud (3)
Snake Scales Tyrranos (6–7), Basilisk (7–8)
Spiny Seed Malboro (6), Shrieknip (6), Lullabud (6)
Stinky Breath Malboro (8)
Sultan’s Silk Silkspitter (4)
Sun Crystal Polterbox (3)
Tortoise Shell Pincher Crab (5), Sand Scorpio (7)
Tuttle Rock Shadow Zero (8)

Material Drops
Material Enemy
Vampire Fang Bloodsucker (4)
Vinek Rock Shadow Zero (7)
Vizel Gold Molebear (7)
Wicked Eye Beholder (8)
Zombie Claw Ape Mummy (6), Skeleton (6), Specter (6), Zombine (5), Skull Beast (5)

Appendix 7: Produces

After completing event 57 “The Mana Orchards” you will be able to plant seeds and grow produces. The higher the mana of the land, the faster the produces will grow. After harvesting enough in your backyard, you will receive an AF (Golden Seed) for an actual independent orchard. Produces have a direct influence on pet growth and are very useful as tempering materials, as strange as it may sound. The exact influence is quite complex and beyond the scope of this guide.

In the following chart I will list the seed combination that yields the best probability for each produce. Some entries only list a single seed; when that is the case you can combine the seed with itself for an additional produce. In other words, instead of getting 3 produces per harvest, you will receive 4, but each has the same probability of yielding the desired produce. As you will see Spiny Seeds are particularly strong. As far as I can tell your only hope of getting them is by dropping them from specific enemies (cf. Appendix 6) but I believe there is a very slim chance to get one after a harvest, although I’ve yet to confirm it.

Produce Chart
Produce Chance Seeds
Applesocks 6% Crooked + Spiny
Apricat 56% Crooked
Bellgrapes 4% Long + Spiny
Boarmelon 17% Big + Spiny
Bumpkin 19% Oblong + Crooked
Cabbadillo 56% Round + Oblong
Cherry Bombs 19% Round + Crooked
Citrisquid 56% Oblong
Conchurnip 11% Flat
Cornflower 19% Oblong
Dialaurel 4% Big + Spiny
Diceberry 19% Crooked
Fishy Fruit 25% Oblong + Spiny
Garlicrown 32% Flat
Gold Clover 6% Round + Spiny
Heart Mint 56% Round
Honey Onion 16% Small + Spiny
Lillipods 56% Round + Crooked
Loquat Shoes 19% Oblong + Crooked
Mangolephant 3% Flat + Spiny
Masked Potato 35% Flat
Mush-In-A-Box 25% Round + Small OR Oblong + Long
Needlettuce 19% Round + Oblong
Orangeopus 4% Small + Spiny
Orcaplant 19% Round + Crooked
Peach Puppy 19% Crooked
Pear O’ Heels 20% Flat
Pine O’ Clock 29% Round + Flat
Rhinoloupe 25% Round + Spiny
Rocket Papaya 6% Oblong + Spiny
Spade Basil 19% Round
Spiny Carrot 56% Oblong + Crooked
Springanana 19% Oblong
Squalphin 19% Round + Oblong
Sweet Moai 16% Long + Spiny
Toadstoolshed 2% Big/Small/Long + Spiny
Whalamato 25% Crooked + Spiny

Appendix 8: Recipes

In this section I’m gonna list a few recipes to forge some of the most powerful items in the game. As you may already know, Legend of Mana has an insanely complex crafting system. I won’t even try to explain it to you because it’s very complex and not fit for an appendix. Although, let’s be honest, I don’t understand it fully. But I’m not sure anybody does at this point.

Money Laundering

This is a very simple recipe that allows you to make an item that sells for 26,000 Lucre apiece. Probably the best way to make money in the game, if you ever need to. Start by buying a ToppleCotton in a level 1 shop for 60 Lucre and forge a hat out of it, resulting in a WindCap. Simply temper it with 4× ClearFeather (level 4+ drops from Stinger Bugs, easily found in Luon Highway or Lake Kilma) and voilà, amazing profits.

Strong Instrument

I haven’t spent a lot of time with instrument crafting, nor with magic itself, but here’s a quick recipe for a strong instrument. Simply use an AltenaAlloy with a Gold spirit token. I suggest going for a Flute, with a Salamander token to create a control spell. This is the kind of magic that you can precisely aim from a distance. You will receive alloys from events toward the end of the game if you followed my route, they are handed to the player when an event that was supposed to reward an AF has no new AF to offer.

Experience Sharing Ring

If you want to level up partners and pets easily, you can use a ForbiddenRing. But did you know you can also forge a ring with the same property and give it even better stats? For this 23 Defense Ring, start with Emerald as your base material and follow the tempering process below. Emeralds can be acquired in any jewel shop.

Round Seed Sulpher (x2) Gnome Silver Needletuce (x2) Ear of Wheat Lilipods Creepy Eye

Ultimate Pendant

The following recipe will give you one of the most powerful pendant you can get in the game. The resulting item has a defense rating of 34, provides a +20 bonus to every attribute, and immunity to every status. Base material will once again be the Emerald (available in jewel shops).

Emerald Pendant [ ]

Stinky Breath Fire Stone Sulpher (x2) Holy Water Zombie Claw Blackened Bat Shade Silver Sharp Claw Water Stone Fishy Fruit Squalphin Round Seed Sulpher (x2) Gnome Silver Flaming Quill Ghost's Howl Sun Crystal Flaming Quill (x2) Virgin's Sigh Wind Stone Chaos Crystal Aura Silver Giant's Horn Flaming Quill Sala Gold Dialaurel Ghost's Howl Spiny Seed Grave Dirt Dragon Blood (x14) Moth Wing

Ultimate Axe

This amazing 2H Axe has 999 attack power and will require some very rare materials. Fortunately you should be able to access everything if you follow my route. It’s a very, very long tempering process… and considering the number of ingredients, I will also give you a checklist of what you will need, and where to find it. I am not sure who actually came up with the recipe, but it’s one I’ve seen used by speedrunner Malchar, so it might be his.

[ ] 51x Meat (Any type will do) [ ] 01x VinekRock (Shadow Zero Rarity 7) [ ] 26x Sulpher (Level 2 Material Shop, 300 each) [ ] 03x Mercury (Level 2 Material Shop, 300 each) [ ] 25x Firestone (Level 1 Material Shop, 250 each) [ ] 02x Windstone (Level 1 Material Shop, 250 each) [ ] 02x Earthstone (Level 1 Material Shop, 250 each) [ ] 03x Chaos Crystal (Jewel Shop, 5000 each) [ ] 13x Mush-in-a-box (Seed Shop, 1000 each) [ ] 02x Gold Clover (Seed Shop, 1000 each) [ ] 14x Spiny Carrot [ ] 01x Long Seed [ ] 03x Ash (Chests: Madora, Bone Fortress, White Forest) [ ] 01x Scissors (Sand Scorpio Rarity 6 / Pincher Crab Rarity 4) [ ] 01x Shade Silver [ ] 01x Wisp Silver [ ] 01x Aura Silver

VinekRock 2H Axe [ ]

Sulpher ** REPEAT 6 TIMES Firestone (x2) Sulpher (x2) ** END Firestone Mercury Shade Silver Mush-in-a-box (x13) Firestone Sulpher (x2) Firestone Wisp Silver Sulpher Any Meat (x13) Long Seed Firestone Sulpher Any Meat (x11) Sulpher Firestone Aura Silver Firestone Any Meat (x13) Sulpher (x2) Firestone Windstone Mercury Any Meat (x11) Mercury Windstone Firestone Sulpher (x2) Firestone Earthstone Chaos Crystal Sulpher Any Meat Gold Clover (x2) Firestone Earthstone Sulpher Chaos Crystal Firestone Sulpher (x2) Firestone Chaos Crystal Ash Spiny Carrot (x14) Ash (x2) Firestone Scissors