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“This guide will focus on artefact placement and event order so you can experience everything in the game, complete the diary, and claim every possible reward. By compiling data from many different sources and using my own experience, I established the following route for a 100% run that I hope will also help you. This guide is not a walkthrough, it won’t help you if you’re lost in your own (…)”

Mega Man 1–6

Published on 2022/01/16, 20:04

The fight for evolution

“A classic series, Mega Man has a long history of recycling the same principles again and again, spawning a lot of games that are difficult to differentiate at a glance. However, even throughout the six that were released on the NES, an evolution has indeed taken place, refining a simple yet effective recipe and establishing conventions that are still relevant today, 30 years in the future. Let’s take a closer (…)”

“The Castlevania series went through a lot of changes throughout the years and, as early as the second game, the developers opted for a very different approach; one that wasn’t really well-received. Recognizing their mistake, they came back to the formula of the original and tried to improve upon it, which ended up in my humble opinion in both a success and a failure, at the same time. But you (…)”