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Mega Man 1–6

Published on 2022/01/16, 20:04

The fight for evolution

“A classic series, Mega Man has a long history of recycling the same principles again and again, spawning a lot of games that are difficult to differentiate at a glance. However, even throughout the six that were released on the NES, an evolution has indeed taken place, refining a simple yet effective recipe and establishing conventions that are still relevant today, 30 years in the future. Let’s take a closer (…)”

“The Castlevania series went through a lot of changes throughout the years and, as early as the second game, the developers opted for a very different approach; one that wasn’t really well-received. Recognizing their mistake, they came back to the formula of the original and tried to improve upon it, which ended up in my humble opinion in both a success and a failure, at the same time. But you (…)”

“Back in 2002 I completely skipped this Zelda game, disheartened by an art style that did not appeal to me. To be fair, Nintendo had inadvertly promised a dark and mature Zelda game with a technical demo for the GameCube that I had found really exciting. When the first images of a cartoon-looking Link were shown the surprise was understandable. Many years later I decided to give the game a (…)”