Code of Conduct

The streaming scene, along with the whole internet, has changed quite a lot since our beginnings and many behaviors now considered standard do not sit right with us. To counter this, we have decided to respect the following principles in the hope that it will guarantee a safe and better experience for our viewers.

I. Content First

The streamer and their content are central to the experience of the viewers, and nothing shall prevent or derail it.

II. Maximum Accessibility

Newcomers, subscribers or followers, everybody should be able to enjoy our content in full, without discrimination.

III. No Commercial Intent

Viewers are not consumers. We do not sell or promote anything, we only offer a free, unaffiliated entertainment.

IV. Guaranteed Integrity

We refuse payments and other kinds of benefits from third parties. Our opinions and choices are not influenced.

V. No Incentives

We do not want to encourage bad behaviors when it comes to money, to make sure that viewers donate only to support us.

VI. Toxicity Free

We build communities free of disrespect and toxicity, to create a friendly and relaxing experience for everyone.